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Im new!!

Hi!! Im new everyone so please be nice Im not real good with introductions so Im gonna make things short....

Im 15 years old and Im half German and American
I live in Virginia an good 25 mins from Hampton
I love JRock, Slipknot, Stone Sour, Murderdolls, KMFDM, NIN, and Rammstein..and many others too....
My fav from Dir en Grey is TOSHIYA and DIE!!!!
I love Gackt and HIDE and Mana *my scary boi*
I love Goth pretty bois and bisexual Bois *Gay too*
My fav drinks are Vanilla Coke and Dr. Pepper, tea and water
I love to Draw, paint, anything with art I love it...
I love to read Ann Rice and Edgar Allen Poe...Poetry from friends...
I love my Friend BELLA aka xfetishxbitchx
umm love CATS!!!!!!
and I like the Gothic culture and I love HISTORY!!!!

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Ano...sweeheart it's all right to list 2 or 3 interests. But that's a bit much, ne? ^^;; Not that I mind you trying to be friendly! It's just kind of too much randomness.

Welcome btw.

Thanks I tend to do that from time to time...sorry

I just like to talk a lot and that makes me type a lot of crap I really dont need there....thanks for pointing it out!!!! I like you avatr by the way..DIE IS SO HOT!!!!!!!